Restaurant Owner In Need of Plumbing Help?

Restaurant businesses are extremely hard on their plumbing. Aside from having huge amounts of dishes washed, floors mopped, and food particles rinsed in sinks, they also have a lot of grease run down drains. Restaurants, as well as many other types of commercial businesses, have floor drains installed to catch water on floors. This creates a fairly elaborate plumbing system that requires being worked on by those professionals who know about these types of systems. Restaurants typically have specialized grease traps that are built into their systems to catch grease before it enters waste water treatment plants. Companies exist to come out and pump the grease out of these traps on a fairly regular basis.

There is nothing quite as bad as having floor drains start backing water up onto the floor. In restaurants, this happens when employees are trying to move around in the kitchen to prepare food. While most employees in typical restaurants are required to wear nonslip shoes, this dramatically increases odds of slip and fall accidents. Standing water is also not sanitary.

As you may imagine, it is also not a good situation to have major plumbing work taking place during business hours. Small jobs can be done in a kitchen without customers noticing, but major repairs that require water being shut off is not an option during normal business hours. For this reason, you’ll want to call a commercial plumbing services modesto ca.

Commercial plumbers will be willing to do after hours work. Some services will come into an establishment and work all night long so that you can open for business the following day. Commercial companies understand that you need to be able to keep business open in order to pay your bills. A restaurant can lose several thousand dollars in a day of not being open. Even a partial day of business lost is too much. Some franchises do not have the option of being closed, they can be in violation of contracts. If your business is located in a mall, it can be in your contract that you have to be open during normal mall hours. Commercial plumbers are used to these situations and they are prepared to work when you need them to work.

Local commercial plumbers are aware of local codes, but also in specialized codes that are regulated by health departments. This may mean that special materials have to be used or that specific designs have to be followed. The health department may have specific rules as to barriers that must be set-up while work is done. Sometimes buildings that are on cement foundations will need to have flooring torn up with a jack hammer or special circular saw that cuts through cement. In cases like this, special care needs to be taken to ensure that proper clean-up happens in time for food preparation to start. Commercial contractors will typically be licensed, bonded, and insured. Many of these types of contractors have the ability to be in your establishment overnight without supervision, enabling you to rest carefree.